M & C Parrot Sanctuary and Rescue
We aim to accommodate any Unwanted Birds...

Winnie, is a 9 year old female African Grey parrot, and was one of our first birds
A pair of Plum-headed parakeets, approx 5 years old, and which are quite beautiful birds. They only breed once a year.
Suki is a 35 year old male Blue & Gold Macaw, these birds have quite a long life expectancy.
M & C Parrot Sanctuary and Rescue is a home for neglected, unwanted, problem birds, which is operated by dedicated volunteer staff.
If you have a bird that you feel that you can no longer attend too, or care for, or one that might be causing problems within your home, we will try to assist you if possible, by taking it in and re-home it at our sanctuary, where we aim to try to offer a home to almost every bird.
It is anticipated that all rescued birds will stay with us for the duration of their natural life, as following an acclimatising period, all the birds are subsequently allocated to an outside aviary.
For further information or if you should need any help or advice, please feel free to contact us on any of the telephone numbers which are listed or by email at:-
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A Little About Us....
We have been operating for approximately 11 years within the county of Gloucestershire, where we function as a voluntary self-funding and non-profit bird sanctuary & rescue

We welcome and appreciate any contributions and/or donations

(Which go towards the purchase of fruit and seed etc, also materials for aviaries, and any transport costs involved in respect of making collections to pick up birds)
Payments can be made at, or through any Bank, or on-line if you use an internet banking system, by using the following details:-
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A/C Name: Parrot Rescu      Sort Code: 40-33-18      A/C No: 21245538

We try to be available in order that we can offer our help and assistance to you and your birds. Our main aim is to make sure that both you and your birds will continue to enjoy great companionship and maintain a fullfilled and happy life together.
Please Feel Free To Contact Us…..
 Cotswold :-  (01451) 860523
 Mike :-  07779444020
(Should there be no response an answer machine will come in automatically and you will then be able to leave your enquiry and relevant contact details)
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